Classical Guitar


My classical guitar is the result of a careful design, inspired by a selection of the most important authors of the 800, 900 century and contemporaries, resulting in a modern instrument in the respect of the tradition. Modern in handling, easy and immediate in the issue, in balance and support in all registers (including the high register), as well as for volume and power in the sound, which allows fast and extended dynamic changes. Traditional in its intimate and poetic voice, sweet and warm, deep, clear and clean. Traditional in ductility which allows shades of timbre and varied from light to full bodied round brilliant, with elegant and clean treble, and well defined deep bass. These are very balanced instruments, both between the different registers, (even in the more acute one, up the 12th key) both in the polyphony, between two or more voices, well-defined and distinguishable by them. Other recognized features are the volume and the power of the sound, sought to allow dynamic changes from "piano" or "pianissimo" to "strong" or "very strong". Much attention is given to the quality of sound produced by the variation of the force, which always produces a pure voice, not forced, leaving unaltered the tonal characteristics. The sustain is great in all registers, especially in the high register where is inhevitabily weak. To accentuate and enhance these features I make two versions, a traditional one and another contemporary designed with slightly tilted handle, but excactly the same in looks and finishes. To achieve this, great care is required, very long time needed, and careful selection of raw materials.

Raw materials

The wood used in my guitars are aged 15 to 50 years. I use Italian spruce from Val di Fiemme, Swiss and German, a selection of high quality Canadian Cedar, Rosewood from South of India and Ceylon island, now a rare stock of Honduras mahogany and a very rare lot of Rosewood Brazilian 50 years aged. The woods are stored in an optimal level of temperature and humidity constantly inspected.