Classic Guitar Maker

Mirko Migliorini has graduated in 2002 in the prestigious "Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milano" after attending a training period in different leading musical instruments workshops, decided to start creating his own instruments by following his own philosophy. Right away his instruments are valued and are recognized by quality, design features and refined style.

In 2001 he won third prize at the 5th International Guitar Making Competition of Baveno. He has restored and developed several original historical instruments including Guadagnini, Panormo, Pascual, Galan, Gallinotti, Fleta, Romanillos, Monch .... He took-over various dimensional measurements of important historical instruments, including Torres, Hauser, Bouchet, Fleta .... He constantly participate in major guitar festivals, holding seminars and conferences on technical and organological guitar features. Its goal is to produce high quality guitars, from both acoustically and aesthetically point of view, instruments that communicate elegance, refinement and acoustic harmony, into a unique modern style and in compliance with the very best tradition. The all production is made by hand, in the guitar-making workshop in Lecco.